July 2021
Good Morning Iriomote Today’s Guest is long staying in Iriomote with her remote work. She was looking forward to seeing Sagaribana on Iriomote for a long time. Sagaribana is a Mystic Night Flower Sagaribana (Barringtonia racemosa) only bloom at midnight. Then the flower fall down at dawn (6:00-7:00AM). We start paddling around 5:00AM. These flowers...
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The most deepest spot on Iriomote We went to the Iriomote Mayagusuku waterfall Trekking tour with Dutch and Japanese guys who live in Ishigaki. We walked beside the huge Urauchi river at the first part of the trekking. Hard Trekking in the Iriomote Rainforest Jungle Then we entered the humid jungle. It was a bit...
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