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Can you pick me up every hotels in Iriomote?

Wi will pick you up at your hotel just around the Uehara port, Iriomote.
Please refer the map below.

Can I join these tours day trip from ISHIGAKI island?

Yes. If you join the tour from ISHIGAKI, Please take 8:30 ferry to UEHARA port.

How can I join the tour from Ishigaki when Uehara ferry is canceled?

If UEHARA line is cancelled, you can take 8:30 ferry to OHARA port.

Can I join these tours day trip from Taketomi island?

Yes. Taketomi-Ishigaki-Uehara(Iriomote)-Ishigaki-Taketomi


Can I cancel the tour?

Yes. If you would like to cancel the tour, please contact us via e-mail or phone. Then we will refund to your Credit card or Paypal based on our cancelation policy.

Can you refund me if the tour is canceled by typhoon?

Yes. We will full refund when typhoon or extreme weather conditions.


Can you prepare allergy free lunch?

Difficult. Please bring your own allergy free lunch.

Can you prepare lunch for Vegan or Vegetarian?

Yes. Please let us know in Booking form.
But if you are a strict Vegan or Vegetarian, We recommend to bring your own meals.


Are there free Wi-Fi spot on Iriomote?

Yes. You can use free Wi-Fi below.

  • Uehara port
  • Ohara port
  • Some restaurants and cafes
  • Accommodations

Are there accommodations on Iriomote?

Yes. There are many accommodations on Iriomote. We recommend to stay in Iriomote to feel island.

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